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Effective hand cream with Hyaluron

Developed from natural ingredients for intensive care of dry skin. The cream protects against free radicals and significantly improves skin elasticity with regular use.

Hyaluron is developed to help the skin bind liquid and provides a more flexible and soft skin. Hyaluron is widely used in skin care, as its effect is very well documented. As the cream has no added water, you avoid the skin drying out and cracking. Instead, the cream is added with delicious, nurturing oils.

Restores the skin's natural elasticity and softness as well as holder on the skin's moisture


Eyelash peptide serum 

Eyelash peptide serum is a further development of our original Eyelash Serum.

We have added a number of different peptides to the Eyelash Peptide Serum such as Allantonin, Acetyltetrapeptide-3 1,2 Butyl Glycol and Arginine. Carbomer and natural ingredients such as Paeonia Suffruticosa Root Extract and Gensing are also added.

Our eyelash peptide serum has a stimulating effect on cell renewal, which helps promote the growth of your eyelashes.