Why choose Bio-vitae?

We are a Danish-owned family company that specializes in developing the best skin care products. 

We make high demands on our producers. Our first priority is to offer our customers the best skin care products.

You should choose us because:

  • High quality at affordable prices
    You may be familiar with the terms B2B (business to business) and B2C (business to consumer). BIO-Vitae is a 100% e-commerce brand and thus a D2C (direct to consumer). There are therefore no or several intermediaries who must make a profit. We are the first link and you as a consumer are the second and thus the final link. This means we can only use the best and purest ingredients in our products. Among other things, all our face creams have a minimum of 1% hyaluronic with the finest molecular weight possible. We state the most important main ingredients in percentages, which not many do, as this is not a legal requirement. But if you have a setup with distributors, wholesalers and a dealer just before you get your product in hand, it means a lot for the price and quality of the product, whether there is 0.1% or 1% hyaluronic in the product. This also means that you, as a consumer, can only buy our products on our site or through partners who link to our site in exchange for an agreed fee. Our basic position is clear. If we cannot have the best, we will find another type of product. So if you are wondering why our more special creams and serums are significantly cheaper than other brands, then you have a good explanation for exactly this right here. Below is a picture of a D2C setup versus a traditional one. 

  • High content of active ingredients.
    As mentioned above, we have a high content of active ingredients. Some of the products also know to such an extent that certain precautions must be taken. This, for example, with our EGF GOLD Cream, which has a retinol percentage of 3, and which is real retinol and not palmitate or other forms of retinol of poorer quality. Therefore, it is important to use a day cream with SPF (sun factor) during the day. We will of course provide this information under the individual product. When we again point out the quantity and purity of the main ingredients in our products, what we have is due to the business model we have. We don't have to think that there are 2-4 links between us and the end user, and can therefore take the quality to the optimum. Many do not even state what type or % of the given main ingredient is in their product. So if you see a Retinol Cream where neither the % nor the type of retinol is stated, you should probably not assume that it is something at the high end, even though such a cream can easily cost DKK 1,000. As mentioned above, it may have had many stages it had to go through in order to end up in the store where you, as a customer, stand and look at it.
  • Our products are organic, vegan, free of parabens and not tested on animals. In addition, all packaging consists of recyclable materials. We will not compromise on anything here either. We are very keen that everything we sell is recyclable and has as little impact on the environment as possible. This is also the reason why we do not send in boxes with a logo on, but just in a regular post box. There is no reason to put our products in the checkout, which anyway do not have any information that you as a customer cannot read on the product itself or here on our website. All our products are organic, vegan and free of parabens. This is so that you as a customer can safely use our products without having to think about harmful additives. Our products are also not tested on animals in any way. 

  • We have added peptides in our products. We do this because our body's natural peptide levels already begin to decrease at the age of 30. Adding peptides has an effect on skin absorption when it comes to skin care. In order for the body to know how to process the applied ingredients from the skin care products, it needs the signal substances from peptides. This is something we have gone into more depth with in some of the articles posted on the page, so there is no need to elaborate again. But in short, the body begins to produce less and less of its natural hormones and signaling substances already at the age of 30. Peptides are the body's signaling substances and function, in short, by telling all the cells in the body what to do. As the body's own collagen production begins to decrease, peptide production follows. It is therefore important as you get older that the collagen you use, for example in the form of a cream, has added peptides or you use a serum with peptides in the cream. Otherwise, the body basically does not know what to use the added collagen for and only small amounts will be absorbed and converted into skin cells.