Collagen pakke nr. 1 Bio-Vitae
Collagen pakke nr. 1 Bio-Vitae

Collagen package no. 1

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Title: bundle variant #1
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Collagen pakke nr. 1 Bio-Vitae

Collagen package no. 1

949,50 kr

Collagen package no. 1

949,50 kr
Title: bundle variant #1

Collagen pack no. 1 with peptide serum is for when you want to slow down the body's natural aging process

Our Collagen package no. 1 from BIO-Vitae is for you who want to put in time when it comes to the body's natural aging process of the skin. With age, the skin will naturally become looser and duller. But it doesn't have to be that way. That is why we have now put together a collage package with delicious products at an extremely reasonable price.


Amino acid cleansing foam:

A mild and silky cleansing foam with amino acid that moisturizes and helps to smooth the skin. Very gentle as it is close to the skin's own PH value. This amino acid cleanser is rich in aloe vera extract and witch hazel extract. This together helps to cleanse, soothe the skin, replenish moisture and reduce pores.

The small molecules in the cleanser easily penetrate the pores and effectively cleanse dirt, dead skin cells and excess oil, without drying out and removing the skin's natural protective barrier, leaving the skin fresh. In addition, the foam cleanser also contains antioxidants that help the skin fight free radicals.

Comes with a soft silicone brush head that thoroughly cleans the skin in depth.


Skin – Nourishing Facial Toner:

Our Skin – Nourishing Facial Toner is a natural toner/mist. It is enriched with ingredients such as Hyaluronic acid, which binds the liquid in the skin and thereby helps to retain the other ingredients so that you achieve the full effect. In addition, it contains Vitamin C which makes the skin supple, smooth and has a firming effect.

Finally, this toner also contains Hydrolyzed Collagen, which is a very finely divided collagen that helps form new skin cells and thereby contributes to a younger appearance. Together with a number of other ingredients as well as peptides such as carbons and allantoin, this toner gives an absolutely fantastic effect and feeling on the skin afterwards. Our Skin-Nourishing Facial toner is extremely useful to have on the go as it does not require any kind of washing afterwards.


Collagen Peptide Serum:

Our Collagen Peptide Serum is a further development of our Collagen Serum.
This is enriched with a wide range of peptides that help the skin with the most optimal absorption of your serum.

As age increases, the skin's collagen production decreases. Therefore, the skin needs help to maintain the collagen level. At the same time, the body's peptide production also decreases. When this decreases, it becomes more difficult for the skin to absorb the active ingredients in your skin care. This already happens at the age of 30. Therefore, the sooner we start helping the skin, the better.

At first it will be enough to use this serum a few times a week, but over time it will be a good idea to increase the use.


Collagen Cream 5%:

Collagen cream 5% is enriched with moisturizing ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, vitamin E, jojoba oil and collagen.

The content of hyaluronic acid helps the skin absorb the products optimally, while also being moisturizing and therefore a good help with dry skin.

Our collagen cream also contains both vitamin C and vitamin E. These vitamins help with hyperpigmentation, reduce dark areas, reduce scars, fine lines and wrinkles. At the same time, vitamin E is an antioxidant that fights free radicals on the skin, which are a result of everyday environmental stresses, such as unprotected sun exposure and air pollution. 


  • Moisturizing
  • Improves the skin's collagen production
  • Reduces dark areas
  • Reduces scars
  • Minimizes fine lines and wrinkles
  • Adds effective active ingredients to your skin
  • Peptides that increase the absorption of collagen
  • Evens out any discolored areas
  • The skin regains its elasticity
  • Reduces large visible pores
  • Makes the skin more fine and shiny
  • Anti-aging
  • Repairs and strengthens delicate and damaged skin
  • Maintains the skin's PH value
  • Improves skin texture

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Når det kommer til hudplejeprodukter, er det vigtigt at kende ingredienserne i de produkter, du bruger på din hud. Ingredienserne kan have en stor indvirkning på, hvordan produktet fungerer, og om det passer til din hudtype. Hvis du køber en pakke med flere individuelle hudplejeprodukter, kan det derfor være en god idé at undersøge ingredienserne i hvert enkelt produkt.

Alle produkter i denne pakke ingredienslister kan ses ved at trykke på de enkelte produkter i pakken

Trin 1 Amino Acid cleansing foam

Pump en passende mængde ud på børstehovedet, massér rensen godt ind i ansigtet og skyld herefter med vand. Vil du hellere bruge hænderne er dette også muligt. Du pumper blot en passende mængde ud i fugtede hænder, skum rensen op ved at gnide hænderne sammen og massér herefter rensen godt ind i ansigtet. Skyld med vand.

Trin 2 Skin - Nourishing Facial toner

Påfør et jævnt lag toner fordelt over ansigt og hals efter en grundig rens af huden. Det er vigtigt, at huden er helt ren og bakteriefri. Dette kan med fordel opnås ved brug af en cleanser. Lad derefter huden tørre helt så toneren kommer godt i huden. Lad huden tørre naturligt. Husk at masserer toneren med hænderne imens, f or at lette optagelsen. Normalt er huden tør og klar til det videre forløb indenfor få minutter.

Trin 3 Collagen Peptid Serum

Påfør et tyndt lag serum (2-4 dråber) på ansigt og hals. Serummet kan påføres med pipetten. Derved optages den ikke i hænderne.

Den kan dog også påføres med hænderne. Lad huden tørre af sig selv, så serummet trænger helt ind i huden. 

Trin 4 Collagen Cream 5%

Påfør en lille mængde creme og massér godt ind i huden. Kan påføres op til fire gange om dagen

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